Who Are We?

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We are a company dedicated to providing high-quality solutions in the fields of civil engineering, construction, industrial maintenance, and much more.

Who Are We?

About CAMOD Ltd

We are CAMOD Sarl, a civil engineering, general construction, maintenance, IT and services company founded by Congolese entrepreneurs and based in the province of Lualaba, more precisely in Kolwezi.

With more than 4 years of experience in this entrepreneurial environment in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we offer a global vision and adapt our activities to the needs of our customers in Congo and internationally. Our journey has been characterized by the determination to offer superior solutions to our customers, combining local expertise with a global vision.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To become a recognized leader in the construction and civil engineering sector in the DRC, in particular, and internationally, in general. We aspire to be the preferred partner for our customers.

Social Responsibility

As a company, we are committed to integrating environmental, social and governance best practices into all our activities. At CAMOD Sarl, every project is an opportunity to leave a positive footprint.

A highly qualified team

We're proud to have a highly qualified team with diverse expertise and a passion for excellence. Each member of our team is dedicated to approaching each project with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring the success of every initiative.

Versatile Team

Our team is made up of seasoned experts in all aspects of civil engineering, construction, maintenance and services.

Dedicated Professionals

We are recognized for our ability to effectively manage complex projects, combining technical expertise, creativity and operational rigor.

Partner with Us

We firmly believe in the power of strong partnerships and are always ready to explore new possibilities. Whether you represent a company looking to outsource certain tasks, a potential supplier or an entity wishing to explore collaboration opportunities, contact us to discuss further.


A Dynamic Collaboration Network

We are proud to work closely with a network of committed and trusted partners. These strong partnerships enable us to extend our reach and add value to our services.

CAMOD Ltd Executive Team

Meet our team

Our company is led by a dynamic and dedicated team of talented and passionate individuals.

Cedric 2
CEO & Founder

As the CEO of the company, Cédric Muland is a visionary leader with extensive experience in business management and engineering. He is also a 2024 Real Estate Expert for the Lubumbashi Court of Appeal.

Ir. Fiston MULAND
Vice CEO

Ir Fiston is Deputy CEO of our company. He brings dynamic leadership, management expertise and strategic vision to support organizational growth and development.

Ir Héritier Tshimwish
Technical Manager

Ir Héritier assumes the role of Technical Director. With his solid technical expertise and ability to innovate, he leads our technical initiatives to ensure cutting-edge solutions and operational excellence.

Our Core Values


Our core values serve as guiding principles that define our organizational culture, directing our day-to-day operations and shaping every interaction and decision within our company.

Mutual Respect

We encourage mutual respect, consideration and fairness in all our interactions with colleagues, customers and partners.


We are committed to maintaining a safe working environment by adhering to strict safety standards for the protection of our employees and our environment.


Nous favorisons la créativité et l'innovation dans tous les aspects de notre travail, visant constamment à améliorer nos produits, services et processus.


We are committed to excellence in everything we do, offering products and services of the highest quality.

Social responsibility

We are responsible to our communities and our environment, and strive to contribute positively to their development.


Integrity guides our behavior, and we are committed to maintaining high ethical standards in all our interactions.

Proven Experience

Over Four Years of Excellence

We take pride in our extensive experience of over four years, during which we have successfully delivered services to numerous companies and individuals across the mining, industrial, commercial, and other sectors.

This diverse experience has been a catalyst for our growth and development as a company. It has strengthened our ability to effectively manage projects of all sizes, while keeping us at the forefront of trends and best practices in each sector.

250+ Completed Projects

We have successfully completed over 250 projects, demonstrating our ability to meet a wide variety of challenges and deliver effective solutions to our customers.

95% Customer Satisfaction

We are proud to have achieved a 95% customer satisfaction rate, demonstrating our ability to meet our customers' high expectations.

Personalized Services

We offer a personalized approach to every project, taking into account the specific needs of our customers, guaranteeing optimum satisfaction.

100% On-time delivery

We are proud to have achieved 100% on-time delivery, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to punctuality and customer satisfaction.


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